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Fr., 12. Jan.



Circlesongs Experience: Workshop für erfahrene Sänger*innen mit Gaël Aubrit (Frankreich)

AUSGEBUCHT! Aufnahme in Warteliste möglich. Drei Tage eintauchen in die Welt der Circlesongs! Mit einem DER Experten auf diesem Gebiet!

Circlesongs Experience: Workshop für erfahrene Sänger*innen mit Gaël Aubrit (Frankreich)
Circlesongs Experience: Workshop für erfahrene Sänger*innen mit Gaël Aubrit (Frankreich)

Zeit & Ort

12. Jan. 2024, 10:00 – 14. Jan. 2024, 18:00

Georgensaal, Klosterstraße 66, 10179 Berlin


Über die Veranstaltung

Circlesongs Experience: Workshop für erfahrene Sänger*innen mit Gaël Aubrit (Frankreich)

Gaël wird den Workshop auf englisch geben, doch die wesentliche Kommunikationsform wird ohnehin die Musik sein. Punktuell ist eine Übersetzung möglich.

Wann: 12. - 14.1.2024, 10 – 18 Uhr

Wo: Georgensaal, Klosterstraße 66, 10179 Berlin

Teilnehmer*innen: 15 - 25

Teilnahmegbühr: 210 €, Ermäßigung auf Anfrage möglich


Ausführliche Beschreibung des Workshopinhaltes in Gaël's Worten:  

A circlesong is a piece of a cappella music, fully improvised and conducted by one leader. This form of singing was made popular by Bobby McFerrin in the eighties, and is now spreading through Europe, bringing together beginners as well as accomplished singers. It allows anyone to experience polyphonic singing, vocal improvisation and choir conducting. It also offers a remarkably flexible material to develop many musical skills such as listening, memory, rhythm, harmony, nuances, group cohesion, etc. Finally, depending on what you have come to seek, it may allow a profound and unique artistic, social or spiritual experience.  

This three days workshop is suited for singers who already have good musical skills and who want to get better at improvising circlesongs, no matter how experienced they are in vocal improvisation. Welcome to musicians who want to learn circlesinging, to improv singers who are looking for new skills and inspirations, and to facilitators who want to try yet another approach.  We will be covering basics such as: find simple and solid parts, communicate through clear hand signs, develop balanced and harmonious arrangements, and assert yourself in solo improvisation. We will also work on presence, cohesion and precision as a chorist.

Depending on the group level, we might get deeper and explore more advanced stuff such as pacing, structure, transition, chord progression, movement, etc.  Since we aim for a relatively large group, not everyone will do every exercise and play every game, although everyone will get a chance to conduct and improvise in the center of the circle at least a couple of times. This particular workshop will be kind of half way between a pedagogical training and a discovery experience.

Zur  Person:

Gaël Aubrit fell in love with vocal improvisation and circlesongs through discovering Bobby Mcferrin in 2010. Since then, he dedicates most of his life to spreading and refining this particular art form. He graduated first from the ENM Villeurbanne with a State certificate in musical studies (DEM) in singing, he then became a certified vocal technique teacher of Allan Wright's "Le Chanteur Moderne". In the meantime, he joined the teachers team in Bobby McFerrin's annual Circlesongs school in the US. He teaches in many different places: music schools and artistic centers, in France and abroad, and to professionals as well as amateurs.

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